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A high-tech Cooling Running Fabrics


In recent years, the concept of "sun protection" has exploded, and there is a broad space for development of sun-protective clothing in China a Cooling Fabrics.
Data show that from 2021 to 2026, the market for sun-protective clothing is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 9.4%, and the market size will reach 95.8 billion yuan by 2026.
At the same time, consumer demand for sun protection is also constantly subdivided, gradually from outdoor professional sun protection to daily sun protection transfer, the use of demand from rare to high-frequency, refined, professional, fashion development.
Sun protection related topics are heating up, and the competition in the sun protection market is becoming increasingly fierce.
Therefore, how to balance the function, fashion and marketability of sun-protective clothing and other variables, testing the depth of fabric merchants' understanding of the ever-changing needs of the market
Our company ADAPTS to market changes and constantly innovates and upgrades
Radi-Cool radiation cooling technology fabric
Since the outdoor products series fabric launched, well received
We have successively introduced Radi-Cool radiative cooling technology for the application of clothing fabrics
Let's take a look1

Radi-Cool zero-energy radiation cooling metamaterial technology: Between the Earth's surface and outer space, an efficient heat transfer channel is set up by emitting infrared rays in a specific band (8~13μm) that are not absorbed by the atmosphere to achieve energy-free cooling and cooling.



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