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Glossy metallic nylon fabric


As consumption attitudes change,People's requirements for fabricsNo longer satisfied with ordinary use functions,

Down jacket fabrics are also moving towards diversified process development,In order to meet people's pursuit of fashion trends and personalized products,We have introduced a glossy fabric with a metallic sheen.

This kind of fabric is more special, can make the match more attractive, showing a kind of indescribable effect. With bright down jacket, not only to enhance the personal sense of sports, fashion sense, but also to reflect a vitality, vitality, high energy... Easily create an energetic aura!

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Ingredients: 100% glossy nylon

Gram weight: 38g/m2

Style: Metallic luster, light, soft and elegant fabric

Function: anti-velvet, windproof, waterproof and breathable

Uses: high-grade down jacket, winter jacket, windbreaker, etc

Bright fabric, fine yarn,

High color gloss saturation, good fabric quality,

Comfortable, warm and skin-friendly,

Both good breathability,

With a metallic feel to it,

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