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Sports fabric is any fabric that is specifically produced to be?worn for?exercise or as part of a sport's kit.?The?type of material you choose can affect many factors; the thickness, warmth, durability, style, as well as the way it enhances your performance. Sportswear fabric is technical fabric, in that it has absorb sweat rapidly and move it to the surface where it can evaporate and dry. The idea is that?you?can wear sports fabric during your activities and remain cool,?allowing?you to excel. This includes everything from running to swimming. Basically for leisure sport wearm performance wear, athletic wear, fitness apparel, beachwear and casual wear.


Each individual sports?fabric is manufactured in its own way, consisting of different?fibers and yarn thickness.These factors will?determine the look and feel of your finished sportswear material; whether it`s smooth, textured or stretchy.Shorts or pants are mainly made from Lycra, where there's a strong stretch that goes back to its original form instantly without any movement restriction. Combining polyester with?other?materials like elastane, give each sportswear fabric a distinct handle.? With special added finishes for extra functionality include water resistance, wind resistance and wicking finishing.

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